Seminar Series:

Killer Contracts



Thurs, Oct 31

1pm - 4:30pm


The Petroleum Club of SA

8620 N. New Braunfels

Ave #700

San Antonio, TX  78217


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Construction contracts are increasingly drafted with complicated terms that are more harmful than they may appear, and Texas courts will enforce the dire consequences of these agreements.  It’s a common misconception that if a contract seems horrifically one-sided then it will not be enforceable due to it being “unfair,” but that’s not the case.  Join Bethany Beck & Tom Walthall, from Gardner Law Firm, as they explain the terms and contract language that create most of the legal problems, as well as give you guidance and tips on how to modify your future agreements to better protect yourself and your company.


Presented by Bethany Beck & Tom Walthall, Gardner Law Firm