In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, a number of ASA Member companies jumped into action to help the affected cities.  See below for a few of their stories, and for ways you can assist in future community service projects.





On Thursday, October 12th, members of ASA – San Antonio headed down to Port Aransas for a second trip to help cities effected by the destruction hurricane Harvey caused.  Members from Allen & Allen included:  ASA Chapter Treasurer, Michael McGinnis, Jeremy Simpson and Carlos Vega; and from Alamo Tees & Advertising, Mitch Bryant.  Special thanks to Alamo Tees & Advertising for covering a majority of the expenses for the trip.


They spent two days cleaning and hauling debris to the road so it could be picked up and taken to a different location, as well as cooking for 300 residents and volunteers.  Just as with the first trip, this trip was extremely rewarding.  They are already planning additional trips to other coastal bend areas to volunteer further.  For those  wanting to help, there is and will continue to be for a long time, a need for volunteers.  Here are a few resources  if you are interested in helping sooner:


In Port Aransas, they worked through the Port Aransas Community Center located at 401 N Allister St., open 8am - 5pm, seven days a week. When you get there, you can let them know what skills and tools you have and they will then give you instructions on where you can be most effective.



NAPCO Precast


"Our employees decided to bring in lots of items for the folks at Port Aransas, then NAPCO donated $1,000 to the Red Cross, and Kim Lujan our Purchasing agent took all the items down to Port Aransas." - Paul Brennan

IBTX Risk Management


"We had a great time helping in Refugio last Friday. From the parking lot consisting of multiple BBQ pits and a food truck, we were able to assist in feeding close to 1000 residents, first responders, and line workers. The generosity of the community and “Out of Towners” alike was incredible to see.  Thanks for reaching out and getting ASA involved in other efforts as well!"  - Drew Addison

JR Ramon Demolition


"On August 31, 2017, JR Ramon took a flat bed trailer full of pallets of water to our neighbors down south, for the people effected by Hurricane Harvey."  - Kevin Schafer

ASA San Antonio recently assisted the ARC of San Antonio by facilitating fire-rated paneling in the hallways.  Special thanks to Hill Country Materials for donating the materials & making this renovation a reality!























"Thank you again for facilitating the fire-rated paneling project at The Arc's West Avenue location! One thing that makes The Arc unique is that we are able to care for individuals who have greater physical needs. Many of our participants are in wheelchairs and at times they have trouble navigating the halls which leads to scraped/cracked sheetrock (which has been repaired/painted multiple times over). Thanks to ASA, the new paneling will provide an aesthetically pleasing solution which will be able to stand up against our speed racers. We are so blessed to count ASA as friends of The Arc! "


Andie McClendon

Development Manager

The Arc of San Antonio