At ASA San Antonio, we are committed to promoting & improving the San Antonio construction business environment through advocacy, education & networking.  The beliefs and focal platforms of ASA are ethical & equitable business practices, quality construction processes, and safety in the workplace and work environment.


As a member of ASA San Antonio, you will have numerous networking opportunities with general contractors; be able to seek advice and

share experiences with fellow associates; get the latest industry news; continue your education; and advocate for legislative reform.


The American Subcontractors Association (ASA), is an IRS section 501(c)(6) non-profit, national, membership trade association with over 5,000 subcontractors, specialty trade contractors, material and equipment suppliers, and service providers serving the construction industry.


As a subcontractor advocate, ASA works at both the Federal and State levels to make the changes necessary to protect subcontractor rights with regard to prompt pay, fair procurement policies, harmful indemnity clauses, retention practices, egregious and abusive contract terms, OSHA rules and economic and tax rules, just to name a few.



The American Subcontractors Association was founded 1966, in Washington D.C. Its founders saw a need for an organization that could bring together subcontractors of all trades and labor practices to address common business management needs. In 1974, the Houston Chapter of ASA was formed. Today there are more than 2,500 member companies throughout the United States, and more than 155 members in San Antonio who benefit from the education, networking and advocacy ASA offers to its members.


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